Friday March 6, 2015
Special Announcements
Events are shown on a closest first basis to where the user chooses - usually their home town or county or current location - and by date. This works really well, but on occasions it can be useful to widen the reach. A number of organisers mentioned that they would appreciate the facility to display event details earlier and to a wider audience, to reinforce their regular event entries. An example might be the OpenHouse scheme in London where hundreds of buildings not usually open to the public threw open their doors for a day - clearly of interest to people outside London as well as within. Another example could be a charity hoping to attract participants from all over the country to a fund-raising event in Birmingham...obviously posting the event date and details in Birmingham is essential, but it would be useful if details could also be seen beforehand in Newcastle, Portsmouth, Norwich etc etc! Maybe Beach Motocross in Weymouth or a Garden Show in Peterborough - both attracting advance group bookings from people hundreds of miles away. Hence the development of Special Announcements.
Special Announcements:
  • - are displayed to all users in selected postcode regions.
  • - are shown in prominent tinted boxes within the regular results pages.
  • - can contain up to 1,000 characters and a small image, and a website link.
  • - can be displayed for any length of time, irrespective of the event date.
There is a modest cost for Special Announcements - far lower than you might expect for such coverage - which helps defray the cost of providing the service.
Please Contact Us for more details, or telephone 01491 671998.
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