Saturday July 4, 2020

Advertisement Entries

Advertisements can be displayed for entries that are not eligible as events.

This is an example:

Summer Race events for private parties

Organised race Events for all from 10 years and up! A great idea for a summer evening and something special for the summer holidays. Price from £5.00 per head (Minimum booking fee £60.00 - 12 entrants) Available most evenings except Monday and Thursdays. Event duration 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours. Suitable for All ages from 10 years and up! Go Fast and have fun!

Raceway 81, unit 81, Birtley Business Centre, Station Lane, Birtley DH3 1QT
Wed 10 Aug 16

The benefits are:

Your advertisement will stand out in the listings.

Add up to 400 characters extra description.

Add your own picture or image to your entry.

Your image is shown as a thumbnail in the listings.

You can embed your own YouTube video within your entry.

Provides you with a QR (Quick Response) Code for Ads and Posters.

Add your own PDF poster or brochure for visitors to download.


All for a single payment of just GBP 10.00 plus VAT, to run until your event is over.

You will be sent a link to upgrade after your entry has beed checked - or Contact Us to discuss.