Monday June 18, 2018

Advertisement Entries

Advertisements can be displayed for entries that are not eligible as events.

This is an example:

More details - Summer Race events for private parties
Organised race Events for all from 10 years and up! A great idea for a summer evening and something special for the summer holidays. Price from £5.00 per head (Minimum booking fee £60.00 - 12 entrants) Available most evenings except Monday and Thursdays. Event duration 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours. Suitable for All ages from 10 years and up! Go Fast and have fun!

Raceway 81, unit 81, Birtley Business Centre, Station Lane, Birtley
Wed 10 Aug to Wed 5 Oct

The benefits are:

Your advertisement will stand out in the listings.

Add up to 400 characters extra description.

Add your own picture or image to your entry.

Your image is shown as a thumbnail in the listings.

You can embed your own YouTube video within your entry.

Provides you with a QR (Quick Response) Code for Ads and Posters.

Add your own PDF poster or brochure for visitors to download.


All for a single payment of just GBP 10.00 plus VAT, to run until your event is over.

You will be sent a link to upgrade after your entry has beed checked - or Contact Us to discuss.