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More details - Ranzas
Formed in 2014 Ranzas are a four piece New-wave Indie Rock Fuzz Pop band hailing from the West of Scotland. Ranzas play fuzzy spacey riffs with catchy lyrics that you’ll be sure to love! The band released their debut EP ‘Save Me Now’ in 2017, which was a collection of their early songs.
15 Ward Road Dundee
Fri 6 Sep 19

More details - Café Science Dundee: Silent Witness – What Teeth Can Tell Us
Everyone has their own dental profile that makes us unique and one of a kind. This means when someone dies who cannot be identified, their teeth can help build a story of the person’s life.
Medina Bar and Grill, 113 Nethergate, Dundee
Mon 16 Sep 19

More details - Dundee Arts Café: Guns, Violence and Toxic Masculinity in the USA
Frequently, the reports that reach our shores from the other side of the Atlantic tell the story of a country dealing with the aftermath of a tragic mass shooting. The USA’s complex relationship with guns can be traced back to the Empire, the fight for independence and the American constitution.
The McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum, Albert Square, Dundee
Tue 1 Oct 19

More details - Festival of the Future
Festival of the Future is the flagship festival from the University of Dundee. Over five days in October each year we strive to amplify some of the best academics, research and activities that are happening in the city.
Bonar Hall, Dundee, plus other local venues
Wed 16 Oct 19 to Sun 20 Oct

More details - Tom McGuire & The Brassholes
Tom McGuire & The Brassholes are an eclectic, modern soul-funk, 8 piece band from Glasgow, headed by lumberjack-attired soul bearer, Tom McGuire. The funky collective of “killer animals from hell”, consists of a colourful, hilarious bunch of wonderfully talented, animated young men.
70 N Lindsay Street
Sun 10 Nov 19

More details - St Paul's Lunchtime Recital
Tayside Opera presents a variety of music with a Scottish theme with piano accompaniment. Some songs, opera, choral ensembles and solo work will be performed in the beautiful setting of St. Paul’s Cathedral.
St. Paul’s Cathedral, High St Dundee
Sat 16 Nov 19

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