Friday January 20, 2017

Fast and Confidence Finance International Ltd,

Hello Mr. / Mrs. my name is LourdesOURDES MARIBEL a separate private sector that invests in real estate and loan financing of small and medium enterprises. I also offer loans to individuals and young entrepreneurs who want to create their own or to finance its own operations. I offer loans of low interest rates, and the repayment time is very favorable. I offer the opportunity to an individuals and companies to look into the terms and conditions properly before applying for a loan, I do not necessarily need collateral (pledge or mortgage), and my offerings range is from ($5.000,00) five Thousand Dollars, to ($1.000,000,00) one Million dollars, I am available and willing to discourse with you in all of your financial needs (mortgage, car loans, loans for business, personal loans, family loans, etc.) regardless of your social status and your financial situation. Do not hesitate to contact me. //

13:05 00

united state Bedfordshire

Sun 12 Feb

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