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"Ideal for Concerts, Theatre and Films, Exhibitions, Talks, Markets, Open Days and more"

Founded in 2005, WhereCanWeGo.com has provided 200,000+ event organisers with unrivalled free publicity and promotion for over two million events from the smallest local bazaar to major regional shows.

It works really well, as hundreds of organiser testimonials prove: 'Thank you for the wonderful service you provide'; 'Your site is great'; 'It's a brilliant service, keep up the good work'; 'This is a wonderful site and makes a lot of difference to our charity'; 'Thanks for giving us space on your fantastic website'.....

Event organisers just have to register an email address to create an account, then use a simple online form to enter event details. There is the option to upload a relevant image too.

All free, and less than five minutes' work to reach thousands and thousands of interested visitors, and get noticed by the major search engines.

How we work together...

Users search WhereCanWeGo by location and we use the postcode of your event venue to decide where your listing will appear. We usually show events closest-first.

Users also specify the time frame they want. For example, if they were to select events around Oxford within 7 days, we will extract all the events within 7 days and display them sorted by distance from central Oxford, closest first.

Users can choose to view events in date order, in which case they will see upcoming events within a selected distance or within a county.

Users tell us they make WhereCanWeGo.com their Number One Choice to get answers to questions like:

We've been careful to develop the service so such information is easily accessible from mobile devices as well as traditional desktop computers. In recent months we have adjusted the service to accommodate Virtual Events – by default it is a separate list but Users can get them included with live events if they wish, slotted in according to organiser's location.

You can increase the visibility and impact of your entry (stand out from the crowd) by upgrading to a premium format for a fiver. However you will still appear in the same position based on postcode and date. We want all events, however small, to be seen in their local area.

You do not need to remember to remove your entry after it’s finished. We automatically remove completed events (they are moved to an archive). If you repeat a similar event you can just edit the dates and any other details and repost.

If you have multiple events (on different dates or different locations) you can save time by entering the details on an Excel spreadsheet and sending this to us for upload (please use the template that’s available for download).

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