Turn End Garden Sundays

Turn End is renowned architect Peter Aldington's post-war family house and garden within the historic Buckinghamshire village of Haddenham

Turn End's garden, designed and made by Peter as a natural extension to Turn End house, grew with the buildings, maturing into an internationally renowned garden, gaining publicity through television programmes, and the many articles that have been written about it. In less than an acre, space is used to create an illusion of size - courtyards with pools, a small woodland around old apple trees, a curved glade leading to a series of garden rooms – sunken or raised, sunny or shady, geometric or informal. Turn End is one of only two post war examples where both the house and garden are listed by Historic England.

Shorter days and cooler nights trigger the autumnal change in the garden and many plants begin to take on ruby tints. Stunning grasses are at their best, their airy flowerheads swaying in the wind and catching the afternoon light. Tender cannas and dahlias continue to add hot colours to containers and borders. With limited ticket numbers, enjoy a leisurely stroll to explore the many different areas of the garden or find a secluded place to unwind. Visit the studio of Artist in Residence Heather Hunter. Heather specialises in paper art, printing and artist’s books and often uses Turn End garden as a resource.

£6.00 (Friends: free, Children (5-16 years): £3.00, children under 5s: free)
Turn End Townside Haddenham Buckinghamshire HP17 8BG
Sun 18 September
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