Cornwall U.F.O. Conference 2022

There will be four speakers in attendance talking on various subjects.
The first speaker is Phil Hart ?MY PERSONAL UFO ENCOUNTERS:
A lifetimes personal account of my UFO experiences, covering the last 55 years starting when I was 14 years old to the present day. The contents of this presentation have never been made public before, but it is now time to tell my story.

The Second speaker is Ananda Sirisena
Contact With ExtraTerrestrials
?How a personal sighting aroused an interest in the subject of UFOs
or Unidentified Aerial Vehicles (UAV) as they are now known.
Also, intriguing discoveries on the Moon and Mars explained.

The Third speaker is Dave Hodrien
Sighting cases and contact experiences
In this lecture, Dave will be covering some of the most interesting cases which have been reported to BUFOG over the years. Since becoming an investigator, Dave’s views on the phenomenon have only been strengthened, and he looks forward to sharing with you the reasons why. You will both see and hear astounding evidence that supports the UFO reality – evidence that includes multiple witness sightings, close encounters with landed craft and their occupants, a possible UFO crash, photographed body markings and implants, and video footage that may actually show an abduction taking place!

The Fourth speaker is Neil Geddes Ward
?Encounters with Faeries, Ghosts, and Spirits
I will be speaking on Encounters with Faeries, Ghosts, and Spirits. People's strange encounters with extraordinary things, looking at strange creatures that steal shadows, sightings of super large giants on Church roofs, Cloven hooved beings, Native American's coming out of cupboards! Small Blue Boxes that float around secret research labs, and flying discs viewed at the Fatima events and similar sightings.
Doors Open at 9.00 am Conference starts at 9.50 am Finish at 6.30pm
Ticket Prices:- £29.00
Truro College (Lecture Theatre) Fal Building College Road Truro Cornwall TR1 3XX
Sat 22 October
Contact telephone: 01872 276381 Call to check latest times or cancellations.
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