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FREE taster session with the Hertford/Ware Rock Choir

Ever wondered if there is a 'local ladies choir near me or nearby'?

The local Hertford choir is run byvocal tutor Abigail Harris. We are the local community choir with the national reputation - join the Hertford Rock Choir and experience the singing phenomenon that Will Smith described as 'Fantastic'. Whilst retaining our community spirit, we come together en masse for national and regional events, giving our members unrivalled performance opportunities and experiences beyond compare, ranging from trips to perform at Eurodisney to our local Hertfordshire music, food and fireworks festivals!

Lift your spirits and rejuvenate your body and soul with a weekly hour and a half of exceptional singing tuition at the Hertford Rock Choir. There's no need to audition or read music, or even to perform if you're not ready, there's just a comfortable, friendly, family environment full of new friends to be made. If you are looking for a more convenient choir near Hertford or a choir on another night of the week simply visit the choir locations page at rockchoir.com.

Here is a quote about our choir - 'If you want to smile and sing for an hour and a half, go to Rock Choir. Getting on stage is so rewarding and when your 6 year-old says how proud he is of his mummy, then it's worth every moment!' - Caroline Jopling (Rock Choir Member)
Start time: 7:30 PM. Make sure you book online at the Website link below.
The Sele School, Welwyn Road, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 2DG
Today, Wed 26 Apr, Wed 3 May, Wed 10 May
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