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Join our choir in Salisbury for a FREE taster session

Do you want to learn to sing near you?

The Salisbury Rock Choir is led by choir leader Rachel Hart. People who have already joined the choir, who hail from Salisbury and further afield in Wiltshire often have never sung before or had any vocal tuition. Once you join the choir you will find you learn the songs by rote from a brilliant set of resources and you will be amazed how quickly you go from 'not sure' to 'performance ready'. The songs are uniquely arranged in a way that helped Rock Choir originally establish the simple high/middle and optional low voice approach to make songs easy to sing yet still challenge you in places.

We sing in Salisbury every week during term time. You can join the choir by going to rockchoir.com or you can also book a FREE singing taster session to try it beforehand. If you feel you're not ready to join a choir yet, why not visit our performances page at rockchoir.com to see when we're next performing locally in Salisbury or Wiltshire. There you can come along to see what we're all about - local people bringing the local Salisbury community together through something as simple as joining a choir.

Here is a quote about our choir - 'Rock Choir is a way for people to express themselves musically in an environment which normally would not allow them to do so. I bet a pound to a pinch of salt there are thousands of guys and girls in the UK itching to sing but are too embarrassed or worried what others may think, and let's face it, if it makes people happy then come on UK lets get behind them!!! Rock Choir is the wonderful innovative idea which is the brain child of Caroline Redman Lusher who I have had the privilege of working with over the past 12 months. Live the dream guys.' - Gary Chilton (Double-platinum selling singer with 'The Soldiers')

Rock Choir is a winner of the Red Ribbon 'Big Heart' Award. and holds 1 former and 2 current Guinness
Start time: 7:30 PM. Make sure you book online at the Website link below.
Old Sarum Community Centre, Pheasant Drive, Old Sarum, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 6GH
Thu 2 May, Thu 9 May, Thu 16 May, Thu 23 May, Thu 6 Jun, Thu 20 Jun