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Sword Dancing - Like morris dancing for Ninjas

Ever heard of rapper sword? Hmmm… probably not, well it has absolutely nothing to do with rap music, highland dancing or fencing, also the swords aren’t actually swords. Confusing huh?

Rapper is a fast-paced style of 5 interconnected dances each using a “rapper” or short-sword made of flexible spring steel with no sharp edges. Its origins lie in the mines of North East England but it is now danced across the globe

Rapper is generally dances in pubs, a festivals and sometimes competitions. Green Man Sword is a local team currently recruiting new members. We’re lucky to have an experienced sword dancer and teacher to provide expert tuition. We have successful tours under our belt and a couple of festival invitations for next year, so come and join our friendly team - no experience necessary, we’ll teach you all you need to know.

We are also on the lookout for musicians - suitable instruments for rapper include fiddle, whistle, recorder, melodeon, and concertina.

We meet in The Station, Stoneleigh each Tuesday from 8-10pm. Intrigued? Get in touch, come and see us, find out more and try something truly different, challenging and above all, fun.
First four classes are free, thereafter classes are £5 each evening.
The Station Hotel, The Broadway, Stoneleigh, Epsom, Surrey KT17 2JA
Tue 12 Dec, Tue 19 Dec, Tue 9 Jan 2024, Tue 16 Jan 2024, Tue 23 Jan 2024
Contact telephone: 07979806168 Call to check latest times or cancellations.