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Unlock Unearth - A new production from Bergh Apton Arts

An evening of stories, music, magic and light, with stories told by Hugh Lupton and others. Choir led by Clare Pastorius.
Centuries slip by in the wink of an eye when Hugh Lupton with his friends, the Onlie Begetters, Wordsmiths, Readers, Singers, Rude Mechanicals, Gate Keepers, Lantern Painters, Makers of Masks, Dragon Dreamers, Grass Dolly Weavers and Portrait Painters lift you out of the everyday and into some magic.

The past is fragile as bones grown brittle with age, as faint as a glimpsed ghost. We live in islands of secret and sacred ways, islands where giants raised their barrows and standing stones. The earth and the rivers embrace thumbed shards of pottery, a sword its jewelled hilt clasped closely by roots, a bunch of keys, a velvet cap, a clay pipe, a handful of coins. Scratch your name on the land’s face but below and below is a lost alphabet and lost words. A land with tales to tell and songs to sing, a land of mysteries and riddles.

In writing workshops with Hugh Lupton we unlocked our word hoards then rifled through, juggled with words and phrases to bring you stories. Hugh foraged through our writings and has produced six stories of Bergh Apton from the invasion of the Romans, to Saxon celebration of harvest, to Non, Neb and Luck who keep watch over the door of the church, to those sailing away to the New World, to a blacksmith setting off to his new world and Hannah who wins £1,000 on the Lottery! Connecting them all are woodpecker feathers and a flint tool curved like a young moon.

Warm clothing and outdoor footwear recommended
7:30 pm - 9 pm

Tickets £10
Bergh Apton Church, School Road, Bergh Apton, Norfolk NR15 1BX
Sat 27 Jan 2024, Sun 28 Jan 2024, Sat 3 Feb 2024, Sun 4 Feb 2024
Contact telephone: 01508 558440 Call to check latest times or cancellations.