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Penitence and Praise: Choral Music for Lent

Join New London Singers for an evening of soul-stirring choral music as we present a captivating concert themed around 'Penitence and Praise', under the leadership of Jamie Powe. This musical journey through Lent promises to be a moving and reflective experience, set within the acoustically rich St. James's Church in Sussex Gardens, London.

The carefully curated program for the evening includes masterpieces from various eras, seamlessly weaving together themes of penitence and praise:

Crucifixus – Lotti
Eram Quasi Agnus – Victoria
Caligaverunt – Victoria
Quatre Motets pour un Temps de Penitence – Poulenc
Ave Regina Caelorum – Weir
Media Vita – Briggs
Regina Caeli – McDowall
Hear my Prayer – Purcell
Wie Liegt Die Stadt So Wüst – Mauersberger
Miserere - Macmillan

Immerse yourself in the spiritual journey of Lent through the voices of New London Singers. Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the profound beauty of 'Penitence and Praise' in the heart of London. Secure your tickets now for an unforgettable evening of choral excellence.
19:30 - 20:30
General admission - £20
Under 18s - £10
St James’s Church, Sussex Gardens, London W2 3UD
Wed 28 February