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Black and Ethical Fashion Takes Centre Stage

Wandsworth African-fashion designer Fée Uhssi is hosting an exclusive event at Southside Shopping Centre, showcasing Black and Ethical Fashion.
Taking place at 5pm on Saturday 24th February, The Black and Ethical Fashion Show is designed to showcase the future of African fashion, while promoting ethical practices, body positivity, diversity and community engagement. This one-of-a-kind catwalk show will spotlight Fée’s brand-new collection, alongside exclusive designs from well-established and emerging designers, as well as fashion brands from the black community in Wandsworth and South West London. Each garment and outfit has been thoughtfully designed to carry a narrative about its heritage and tell stories about its cultural significance.
Fée Uhssi is a Wandsworth-based Franco-Nigerian ethical fashion designer, artist and colour therapist who specialises in African textiles. Renowned for creating the Art of Fashion Wrapping, Fée designs multifunctional, convertible and reversible garments with sustainability and timeless elegance in mind.
The Fashion Show is part of Wandsworth Council’s Black History 365 – a series of educational and interactive creative workshops exploring African art and textile history, culminating in a community fashion show.
The Black & Ethical Fashion Show is free to attend and will take place outside Waitrose at Southside Shopping Centre on Saturday 24th at 5pm
Southside Shopping Centre Wandsworth London SW18 4TF
Sat 24 February