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Improvised Comedy: Absurdocles

Absurdocles (absurd-oh-kleez) is an extremely silly improvised comedy, inspired by Greek tragedy.

Following a 5-star review of its run at the Camden Fringe Festival, the hour-long improvised comedy show has won a continuation of its Camden Comedy Club residency, where it will bring its epic tales on the first Sunday of every month (May 5th, June 2nd and July 7th). It explores the themes of love, loss, pride, power and the fraught relationships between humans and gods. Plus, just like ancient Greek god Gelos, it has the power to make you laugh. A lot.

No need to be a Classics scholar – the madcap characters, ingenious plots and general mayhem of Absurdocles are for everyone. All that's required is one brief conversation with one members of the audience to tell the cast about their day; then watch as the improvisers create a gripping tale, culminating in an important yet nonsensical moral.

Entirely improvised, the show is different every single time. Spectators might see the god of toes tormenting a Woking-based CEO one night and a doomed love story between two mortal taxidermists the next. Absurdocles promises to leave the audience feeling as high as Mount Olympus.

The gods themselves are already praising the show, with Zeus calling it truly legendary, Apollo awarding it five literal stars, and Aphrodite raving: absolutely LOVED it.
Title - Absurdocles: The Improvised Greek Tragedy
Dates - April 7th, May 5th, June 2nd, July 7th
Time - 7pm
Running time - one hour
Venue - Camden Comedy Club, 100 Camden High St, London, NW1 0LU
Tickets - £10
100 Camden High Street London NW1 0LU
Sun 2 Jun
Website: absurdocles.com/