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SCREWED: How the sex industry harms women

SCREWED: How the sex industry harms women
In the current ‘cost of living’ crisis the idea that prostitution can be a normal job, where you choose your hours and your ‘clients’ has become prevalent. But is it really a normal job? When you scrape off the sugar-coating, many of the things we expect in the workplace, like career progression, or health and safety simply do not exist.

At this event, we will hear: From women with lived experience about how the sex industry works and its lifelong impacts; How easily young women are lured into the sex industry; How the sex industry is using the latest technologies, like robots and AI, to increase its reach and profits – and where this is leading; and about holistic solutions to all of this.
2pm - 5pm, Saturday 15 June 2024

TICKETS: £5 (£3 concessions)
Central Birmingham (exact location to be announced) West Midlands B2 4QA
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