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What if you could see music? Piano and visuals at Wandsworth Arts Frin

What if you could see music?

Meet Larkhall, the award-winning concert pianist and developer of the ground-breaking app, Shazam.

At the heart of his artistic innovation lies Otto, his computer co-performer. Otto isn't just your ordinary AI, it's a virtuoso in its own right. It possesses the remarkable ability to decipher the intricate musical nuances within a song, translating them into stunning visuals that dance in perfect harmony with the sound. Imagine being able to not just hear, but actually see the music, with astonishing precision and creativity.

Originally based in Chicago but now living in Bath, Larkhall is on a mission to shatter the conventions of classical music. Larkhall draws inspiration from artists as diverse as Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Max Cooper and Poppy Ackroyd, conjuring visuals that feel equally at home in a nightclub or concert hall.

Larkhall is living proof that the algorithms that surround us in our daily lives can be harnessed as tools for artistic expression. Weaving together music, art, and technology, Larkhall offers a unique, unforgettable piano concert that pushes the boundaries of creativity.

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22 June, 7.00pm — 8.00pm
£10 / £5 conc.
79 Medfield Street, Roehampton, London SW15 4JY
Sat 22 June