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Ulverston Amateur Operatic Society

Me and My Girl
A Musical full of Comedy and Catchy Tunes, such as The Lambeth Walk and Leaning on a Lamp Post. The show is set in the late 30’s at Hareford Hall in Hampshire. Bill, a Lambeth Costermonger is to be the new Earl. The family headed by the Duchess of Dene are horrified. Bill has to become a fit and proper person to be the new master of Hareford.
The Duchess, a formidable lady is determined that Bill should become a gentleman and is equally determined that he should marry Lady Jaqueline and not his Cockney girlfriend Sally, whom he truly loves. With Pearlies, Aristocrats and unrequited love.
This show is sure to appeal to all audiences.
Oct 3 – 7 Tuesday to Friday at 7pm. Saturday 6pm
Tickets Adults £16 Children £12 plus booking fee

The Coro County Square Ulverston Cumbria LA12 7LZ
Contact telephone: 01229451935
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