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Crowland Abbey

Crowland Abbey is not only the parish church that carries out all of the normal c of e functions i.e. Services, Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms and provides a place to pray or just have a few quiet moments but is also a Grade 1 listed building with a history dating back to 716.

Tour Guides are in the Abbey most days from 11am to 4pm (3pm in the winter months) and they will give you a warm welcome and provide a full guided tour or allow you to wander round on your own if you prefer. There is a visitor centre which has a touch screen computer and many interesting exhibits.

The Church also acts as a community centre and hosts many events including Live Music (of all genres), craft fairs, art competitions, re-enactments etc. Musicians usually love playing in the Abbey because of the wonderful acoustics. In fact concerts have been broadcast on the BBC on several occasions.

East Street, Crowland PE60EN

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