The Galloway Association of Glasgow

The Association was formed in 1791 as The Glasgow Galloway Brotherly Society, evolving into today’s independent charitable trust. It was originally set up as a mutual society for the benefit of its members who had moved from Galloway to Glasgow to earn their living. It provided financial support for their families, left behind in Galloway, in the event of illness or death of the member prior to the establishment of today’s Welfare State.
Gradually it changed its focus from serving the needs of its members to distributing funds for good causes in Galloway.
Today the Association supports non-commercial good causes within Galloway. Recently supported projects include the launch of the Wigtown & Bladnoch Community Newsletter; production of the film “Artists Remembered” by Kirkcudbright Harbour Cottage Trust; visit of Castle Douglas Scouts to Kenya; purchase of the “There But Not There Tommy” sculpture for Sorbie Tower’s Weeping Windows; & publication of the book “Jack Gordon's Birds".

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