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The NeuroMuscular Centre

The NeuroMuscular Centre is a centre of excellence which provides care and support for people with Muscular Dystrophy, a severe and debilitating muscle wasting condition, to help lead productive and fulfilling lives. We are the only centre to offer ongoing physiotherapy, active exercise, hydrotherapy, vocational training, supported employment opportunities and social events to those with neuromuscular conditions. Essentially, we want to empower people with muscular dystrophy to pursue educational and vocational opportunities by delivering services that physically slow the progression of muscle-wasting whilst also working with people to tackle societal barriers and promoting an attitude that living with a disability shouldn’t hinder ambitions. In order to maintain our vital services, we aim to raise £1.1m each year to keep the centre running. Our calendar is full of a variety of vibrant and exciting fundraising events which we are immensely proud of!

The NeuroMuscular Centre, Woodford Lane West, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 4EH
Contact telephone: 01606 861 733
Email The NeuroMuscular Centre here