Made in the Hood

Made in the Hood is an established website allowing local artists and craftspeople to display their work to a wider online audience.

We are based in Woolton Hill, south of Newbury and are open to all artists who are within easy travelling distance of our neighbourhood (“Hood”) of Woolton Hill, Ball Hill, Highclere, Penwood and the villages of north Hamphire.

We launched the site, with a variety of work from several local craftspeople, in 2011. We now have around 15 members across a range of media, including painting, photography, jewellery, silks, glass, ceramics and sculpture.

We exhibit both as a group and individually as part of the Open Studios Scheme and also at local events.

If you think you may be interested in promoting your work on a shared, affordable, local website, then do please contact us by e-mail us on

Contact telephone: 07786956051
Email Made in the Hood here

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