Psychic Switch

Psychic Switch Events - See 4 different Psychics/Mediums on your table in one amazing psychic night. You also have the option for a one to one psychic reading at all our spiritual psychic evenings. and private one to one readings are also available after the table messages at a discounted cost of just £15.
This event is held at various UK locations, see our website for full information and options on how to book your tickets instantly online. Tickets are £20 and you will see 4 different Psychics/Mediums.
The Psychic Switch is a trademarked event held in over 60 UK locations with over 250 dates per year. We all work as a team from our admin staff processing your bookings, our registered Psychics/Mediums coming from all over the UK and it is their passion provide their ‘gift’ to all of you, and to our event Hosts who are there on the evening looking after you all and giving any help, if needed. We look forward to seeing you!

Contact telephone: 07919 263763
Email Psychic Switch here

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