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Candles On The Hill

Join us on St Catherines HIll, Abbotsbury, Dorset on 22 November 2020 for our community event raising money for local charity.
Local businesses will be selling blank candle bags for £2.00 each in the weeks leading up to the event.
Once you have bought your bag you can decorate it using paints, pens, crayons, pictures or anything you wish. You can write poetry or dedicate the bags to someone special or just create a work of art.
Each bag needs to be returned to the vendor before the 22/11/20 or bring to St Catherines Hill yourself.
We will then part fill the bag with sand (for ballast) and put a battery operated light inside the bag. We then place the bag in a circle to represent the Catherines Wheel.
The bags remain in place throughout the night, lighting up the hill.

Contact telephone: 07765021555
Email Candles On The Hill here