World Cinema at Broseley

Broseley Cinema is a not-for-profit group, based at Broseley’s Birchmeadow. We have a big screen that handles modern formats very nicely, with good sound and projection.

We decided in 2018 to sail into international seas with our programmes of world-class non-UK films.

Many good films don’t get the airing they deserve, despite their top class. Broseley Cinema wants people to get an opportunity to see and enjoy some of them. None have been big-circuit “block-busters”.

So, we’re out to serve our audiences a few helpings of tasty, creative, cultural, meaningful, mind-broadening and occasionally challenging delights. We aim for 10 each year, monthly except July and August.

* Large screen - with crisp images & nice sound
* Cabaret layout - join friends at a table and stretch your legs
* Very popular & friendly bar at Broseley’s Birchmeadow
* Admission is £5.50 (to be reduced to £5)
* Membership, permitting admission to the 2020 season's films is just £30 (starts January)

Broseley's Birchmeadow TF125LP
Contact telephone: 07759799037
Email World Cinema at Broseley here

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