Action for Asperger's

Action for Asperger's provides an autism-specialist counselling service for lives that have become adversely affected by autism (Asperger's syndrome). The service is for both those living with, and those living alongside Asperger’s syndrome and autism. This includes autism/Asperger relationship counselling for whom we have counsellors Elaine Nicholson and Debbie King who are both experts by experience in this area.

Despite the fact that our name refers to Asperger’s syndrome, a higher-functioning variant of autism, we are happy to see individuals who have other variants of autism.

No GP referral is necessary, nor is a formal diagnosis necessary to make an appointment. We will see you based on a suspicion of Asperger’s syndrome/autism.

Action for Asperger’s utilises the skills of a number of qualified counsellors who also specialise academically and/or experientially in autism counselling and Asperger counselling.

Autism-Specialist Counselling Centre, 9 Darwin House, Corbygate Business Park, Priors Haw Road, Corby, NN17 5JG
Contact telephone: 01536 266681
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