The Telling

Blurring the boundaries of what a concert is, distinctive medieval group The Telling brings you intimate “concert-theatre” pieces to transport you back to the Middle Ages through ballads, music, poetry and story-telling.

The Telling has a growing reputation for intimate, staged concerts to bring medieval music off the page and reach wider audiences. We create a different concert experience, combining ballads and upbeat instrumental dances with narrative, readings or film. We often perform some numbers while moving around the audience and using lighting and/or candlelight.??

Formed in 2009, we draw from a pool of leading musicians who perform for the Society of Strange & Ancient Instruments, I Fagiolini, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Carnival Band and The Dufay Collective.??

The Telling has performed 9 times at Brighton Early Music Festival, and is resident ensemble at Stroud Green Festival, North London and has performed for promoters including Buxton International Festival

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Current Events

Top selling songs of Summer 1941 with Patricia Hammond & Matt Redman
Holy Trinity Church, Granville Road, Stroud Green, London Sun 18 Jul 2021