Sunday Assembly Reading

Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation that meets regularly to Live Better, Wonder More and Help Often.

Sunday Assembly is the perfect home for those wanting to join a community where the complications of religion and politics are left at the door. But ideas, voices and emotions are shared. Sunday Assembly is a place to meet new people in a nonjudgmental space where we seek to find the common humanity that binds people. And what's more, there are the best cakes you'll find anywhere on a Sunday.

There is one Assembly a month, held on the last Sunday of the month. Doors open at 10:30 am for the Assembly starting at 11.

We recommend if you are new to the Assembly arrive at the doors open as it is far easy to meet people when there are fewer there.

There are welcomers to ease you into the community on your arrival, but they can get a little swamped closed to 11.

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