Woodbury Wide Awake Festival inspired by William Keble Martin

This festival throughout 2019 in the Parish of Woodbury, Devon, UK, is inspired by former local resident and renowned botanist Reverend William Keble Martin. He was the author and illustrator of the best-selling book "The Concise British Flora in Colour" (1965), and died in the parish 50 years ago in 1969.

A series of events and projects will explore Keble Martin's life, work and legacy; and also the natural environment locally and changes that have occurred in it over the last 50 years, and environmental challenges for the future.

Events will include natural history walks and talks, wildflower painting and planting, storytelling, two exhibitions and a specially commissioned concert. Other events and individual projects are in the making, and will be added to the website through the year.

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Woodbury, East Devon EX5

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Organisation Events

Wildflower Festival - Weeds, Wonders and Wisdom
Woodbury Village Hall, Flower Street, Woodbury Sat 23 Nov 2019