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Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group (WGCG)

WGCG offers popular winter evening geology talks & summer field visits.

Activities include:

During the winter months we enjoy a wide-ranging series of talks from both members and visiting speakers.

Field trips
In the summer we concentrate on field excursions – both evening trips as well as longer day and weekend visits. We also visit towns and villages to explore the uses of different local and imported building stones.

Conservation activities
These include the identification and maintenance of a network of nearly 100 Local Geological Sites. Conservation is done by our volunteers.

Interpretation panels
WGCG has designed and erected panels which describe the local geology in an accessible way.

A few enthusiasts who wanted to raise awareness of and conserve the many rock exposures dotted around the county established the group in 1990. The membership has since grown and includes many enthusiastic amateurs, students and teachers as well as some professional geologists.

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