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Risborough Evening WI

Women's group which meets monthly for enjoyable talks, walks, national and local campaigning opportunities, charitable works and events. Our 40 members love meeting each other BUT there’s plenty of room for more so do come along for a “taster” evening - first Thursday of each month except August.

The WI is a democratic, social and educational charity operating throughout England and Wales. Membership of your local WI entitles you to attend 11 free meetings a year with speakers, demonstrators or entertainment as decided by members. You also receive the WILife membership magazine, delivered to your door eight times a year. Other gatherings, such as craft clubs, ramblers, discussion or drama groups and choirs, are also often offered by individual WIs. Federation events are organised throughout Buckinghamshire and appeal to anyone with interests in art and crafts, sports and leisure, drama, public and international affairs, ecology and conservation and more.

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