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The Sadie Bristow Foundation

The Sadie Bristow Foundation was formed by Clare & Stewart Bristow following the tragic death of their daughter, Sadie, from a severe allergic reaction in 2018. Sadie was a girl who had so much going for her and who inspired so many people in her short life, she was the UK's number 1 U9 tennis player.

Following Sadie's tragic death, The Sadie Bristow Foundation was created to continue Sadie’s legacy by inspiring children to participate in sports and discover their true talents through our Tennis in Schools Programme. We also aim to improve access to specialist allergy nurses and spread knowledge about allergy awareness.

The charity run various events through the year involving sports such as Tennis and Skiing and provide allergy support to the local community. The journey to finding the diagnosis and support for Sadie’s allergies was mentally exhausting and The Sadie Bristow Foundation wants to work to ensure that no other family should go through a similar process.

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