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Centre for Pure Sound

Welcome to Centre for Pure Sound where we offer regular Divine Union Soundbaths – journeying to the healing, re-balancing effect of the Therapeutic Pure Sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls- and our Pure Sound Therapy Modules where you learn the secrets of vocal toning (Angels of Sound Module 1) and overtoning (Shakti Mantra Yoga Module 2), in the process discovering your Soul Note (Personal Sonic) and Key Tone to then work meaningfully with our Chakras Tones CD series in your own personal key. You can then if you wish take the process to the Practitioner Level (Module 3) for healing others.

Our events take place in Dorset and South Somerset with regular venues being Oborne (nr. Sherborne), Glastonbury, Bridport, Wimborne, South Petherton, Yeovil and Shaftesbury.

ffi www.centreforpuresound.org

for bookings contact Dean 01935 389655 or email ahiahel@live.com

Our events take place at various venues in Dorset and Soerset. 121s sessions take place at 8 Dairy Flats, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 4AQ
Contact telephone: 01935 389655
Email Centre for Pure Sound here

Current Events

Singing Bowl Soundbath
Stour Row Village Hall, nr. Shaftesbury Sun 10 Mar to Today
Singing Bowl Soundbath
The Avalon Centre, 1 King St, Glastonbury Sun 7 Apr to Sun 2 June
Divine Union Soundbath
Bell St Church Shaftesbury Sat 27 Apr to Sun 9 June
Singing Bowl Chill Out-as part of Shaftesbury Fringe Festival 2024
Bell St United Church, Parsons Pool, SHAFTESBURY Fri 26 Jul to Sun 28 Jul 2024