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PILATES CLASSES FOR SENIORS by Body Control Pilates Certified Teacher

Pilates for Seniors with Body Control Certified Teacher, the exercises are low impact, functional movements that tone muscles, improve posture and flexibility. The movements are carried out sitting, standing or lying on an aerobics mat. During the natural ageing process we lose strength, flexibility and our ability to balance, introducing Pilates exercises into our life can help us improve and maintain these areas of fitness. The exercises can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness in a safe and friendly environment with small classes.

Fridays weekly:
1pm-2pm Pilates exercises carried out standing or sitting on a chair,
2pm-3pm Pilates exercises, mostly carried out standing or using a chair
3pm-4pm Pilates exercises, floor mat

Price: Blocks of 4 classes paid in advance
Masonic Hall Rushden Northamptonshire NN10 9YJ
Fri 14 Jan, Fri 21 Jan, and more dates until Fri 11 Mar
Phone: 07392 057319

Masonic Hall, Rushden, Northamptonshire N10 9YJ NN10 9YJ
Contact telephone: 07392 057319