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Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Growing a vibrant worldwide community of Scottish dance and music

The RSCDS promotes and develops Scottish country dance and related dance forms as inclusive, exciting activities that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

We deliver our mission to today’s generation by running activities and annual events in the UK and further afield, all with a focus on Scottish country dance: Summer School, the AGM & Conference Weekend, Winter School, Spring Fling and various one-off workshops and virtual initiatives.

Scottish country dancing is a sociable, enjoyable, and ever-evolving dance form with roots stretching back for centuries. Dancers are normally grouped in sets, typically of 3, 4 or 5 couples arranged either in two lines (partners facing each other) or in a square. They work together to dance a short sequence of formations that provide a particular dance with its identity.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 12 Coates Crescent Edinburgh EH3 7AF
Contact telephone: 0131 2253854
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