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Literature Heart & Soul!

Literature Heart & Soul is a space for sharing insights into great works of literature and sparking conversations that help us think about the human condition. With your active engagement, we can connect and keep these great works alive in the 21st century!

Why study with me?

I've been creating and tutoring my own literature courses since 2006, mainly in the Whitstable and Canterbury area, but also across Kent and online. I'm passionate about my courses, and despite being under pressure to keep them going over the past couple of years, I'm pleased to say, I'm still here!

In terms of qualifications, I have a BA in English Literature from the University of Wales, Cardiff, and an MA in English Literature from the University of Kent.

My Literature Lover series explores a different literary novel each month, from 19th century classics, to the greats of the 20th century, and the best contemporary fiction!

My classes are friendly and accessible, so please join a taster class today!

Contact telephone: 07771966111
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