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Grenadier Guards Association - Kent Branch

Our Branch formed in 1948 in order to continue the comradeship created during the War Years.

Its original title was “The Dover Sub Branch”, but we were re-titled as the East Kent Branch in 1969. Following the closure of the West Kent Branch (approx. 2015/16) & the closure of the Medway Branch (early 2023), we were left as the only remaining Branch in Kent. On 18 October 2023, the Regimental Council agreed to our Branch being re-titled as the Kent Branch.

Through regular meetings, social events, newsletters, other interactions and welfare support, we strive to keep alive the comradeship formed in military service. Through the Association, we can provide welfare for our old & needy ex-servicemen and widows.

We extend a warm welcome to all veteran Grenadiers, plus any former Troopers and Guardsmen of other Regiments of the Household Division, who passed through training at Caterham, Pirbright, Windsor, Catterick or other Guards Training establishments and who live or work in Kent.

Our members are from all over Kent, but we meet in the area of CT21
Contact telephone: 07954610274
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