FunDancing - Dance Fitness for Adults

FunDancing is Dance Fitness based on a variety of dance styles.
It is ideal for those adults who:
- love dancing but have never danced before but want to learn
- have danced in the past and want to get back into it
- believe that they have two left feet and no sense of rhythm
- do not have a partner
Classes are held in various locations between Ipswich and Sudbury in Suffolk, UK

Each 60 minute FunDancing class consists of:
- Warm Up: Core, Balance, etc. techniques and basic steps (or new routine)
- Dancing: easy to follow routines to fun recognisable tunes
- Cool Down & Stretch
FunDancing is owned by Janet Drake and started on 25th October 2010

Contact telephone: 07506350455
Email FunDancing - Dance Fitness for Adults here

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