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The Arts Society West Suffolk

Originally founded in 1968, The Arts Society is a worldwide organisation based on a love of the Arts in all its forms. With around 360 local Arts Societies in the UK, mainland Europe and the Antipodes, its principal objective is the promotion and advancement of the aesthetic education of the public. Other aims include the cultivation, appreciation and study of the Arts, and the giving of aid to the preservation of our national artistic heritage for the benefit of the public. It also provides members with enormous pleasure and fun.

The Arts Society of West Suffolk is a member society. Our aims are to promote the appreciation of the Arts and the preservation of our artistic heritage. Founded in 1972, we meet monthly (October to June) for lectures on a wide range of topics by experienced and highly qualified lecturers accredited by The Arts Society. There are also Special Interest Workshops arranged during the year at which a subject is studied in greater depth.

Contact telephone: 01359 230807
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