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Leeds Contra Dance

Contra dance is fast, flowing dancing with many of the figures similar to those done at English Ceilidhs. You don’t need to bring a partner as you will dance with most of the other people in the hall during the evening and cannot help but come away happy at the end of the night. All the dances will be explained by an expert caller and the dancing is done to a fast walk with all the figures flowing beautifully one into another accompanied by fiddle-based reels or jigs with the occasional waltz or march thrown in. The dances are in long way sets, limited only by the size of the hall, with couples moving up and down the set to dance with everyone in the set. Occasionally square sets for eight people are thrown in to provide some variety. We dance on the second and fourth Tuesday every month in Headingley with a resident live band and also hold an annual series of three Saturday dances in autumn and occasionally one in spring with the best of British (or American) bands and callers.

Headingley Parish Hall, Headingley Lane, Leeds, off St Michael's Road LS6 3AW
Contact telephone: 07989618550
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