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(CUFORG) Cornwall U.F.O. Research Group

My name is Dave Gillham and I started (CUFORG) Cornwall U.F.O. Research group in October 1995 following a ufo sighting that I myself experienced from my own back garden, since then I have had numerous sightings.

When I had my first sighting back in 1995 I was of the opinion that this was a "nuts & bolts" object but over the years I have changed my views on this, through my investigations the evidence has proved to me that there is another side to ufo`s, I have found that people that are psychic seem to experience very close encounters from ufo`s, and there`s the abductions side, strange lights, craft that appear and disappear, and numerous other events that happen, I am always interested to hear from people that have experienced any strange event.

Each Year we hold a ufo conference in October, this year will be our 22nd Annual Ufo conference,
you can check out the speakers for this year's conference on our website.

Contact telephone: 01872276381
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