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CODA - a Tribute to Led Zeppelin

CODA are Europe's most authentic and exciting Led Zeppelin tribute band, replicating the power, excitement and magic of a Led Zeppelin show like no other. They are the only proper four-piece Zep tribute band that looks and sounds as close to the real thing as possible, featuring authentic-looking and sounding instruments as well as incredible replica costumes that will take you back to the time when the Gods of Rock ruled the world!

Formed by four musicians with a love of, and dedication to, the music of Led Zeppelin, this is an honest representation of the music of the greatest rock band ever, performed live on stage with no tricks, backing tracks or safety net!

“A sincere and moving tribute by a group of excellent, nay brilliant musicians who captured the spirit of the legendary group perfectly.” Chris Welch, music journalist / author of several books on Led Zeppelin.

Contact telephone: 07837564743
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