Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt

Hello, I'd like to introduce myself I am Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt.
I am a Spiritualist Medium and currently touring the Uk with my very successful mediumship demonstrations.

As a Psychic Medium I aim to provide evidence of life after life by giving messages to people in the audience from their loved ones in spirit with amazing accuracy in descriptions, personalities and alsorts of personal information

My Mediumship Demonstrations are to give evidence, confirmation, comfort that loved ones in spirit are very much still with us just in a different way. I have been aware of spirit my whole life and so have no doubt we carry on after this physical life and my demonstrations are to prove the same to everyone else..


"Hi Nikki I attended your evening last night and just wanted to say that you have an amazing talent"

"I have seen many mediums and psychics over the years and you are by far the best and most accurate the details you give are amazing "

Contact telephone: 07557551433
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