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Optimal Women Nutrition & Fitness

Great to connect with you here. My name is Vanessa I help professional women to improve or maintain their health and wellness. My gift is to show busy women how to boost their energy levels throughout a demanding day. I also show them how to plan meals to save time and reduce over snacking on unhealthy foods.
If you struggle to maintain a healthy weight due to your busy schedule. I am a specialist in helping professional women like you to gain confidence in nutrition and exercise in only 21 days! Yes, that ’s right! If you are serious about getting your health goals on track I can help you get results quickly!
I understand your feelings of frustration and disappointment. I know what it feels like to carry too much weight around the middle. Or face the daily challenges professional women face around fighting fatigue, getting motivated to exercise and continue to make healthy food choices.
Claim your no obligation FREE 60 minute Health MOT with me via my website.

220 Leybourne Drive Bestwood NG5 5GJ
Contact telephone: 07480118851
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