More details - Newton Le Willows Gardeners' Association
We are a voluntary organisation that has been in existence for many decades and currently has nearly 600 members. Membership is £4 per year. For this you get a huge return. We sell all manner of gardening necessities as well as plants and seedlings at very good prices.
The Hut, Rob Lane Allotments, Newton Le Willows, St.Helens

More details - The Hardmans' House
National Trust property: The Hardmans’ House - open to the public. Please see National Trust website for details.
59 Rodney Street, Liverpool,

More details - Williamson Art Gallery and Museum
Located outside the centre of Birkenhead, the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum was purpose-built and was opened in December 1928. The building is named after John and Patrick Williamson, father and son, who each bequeathed a substantial sum of money to Birkenhead Borough Council.
Slatey Road, Birkenhead,

More details - West Kirby Arts Centre
West Kirby Arts Centre is an independently run venue in West Kirby, Wirral, aiming to encourage creativity and provide greater access to the Arts! The WKAC houses art exhibitions, dance, music and art workshops and becoming known for being a great small venue on the independent music scene.
West Kirby Arts Centre, The Old Unitarian Church, 29 Brookfield Gardens, West Kirby, United

More details - Birkenhead Priory
Birkenhead Priory is the oldest standing building on Merseyside. Birkenhead Priory has a history including royalty, the birth of a city, and a religious life, the priory is the gateway to understanding how the Wirral grew over almost 1,000 years. Facilities Child friendly - families welcome!
Priory Street, Birkenhead, Merseyside,

More details - Birkenhead Park
A park for the people was the aim of Sir Joseph Paxton when he designed Birkenhead Park. It was opened in 1847 and is the first publically funded park in the world.
Birkenhead Park

More details - Mersey Tunnel Tours
A unique behind the scenes look at an engineering masterpiece. This fully guided tour takes place in Georges Dock Building, one of the ventilation stations for the Queensway Mersey Tunnel. Visit the main Control Room, see the giant ventilation fans and experiece a subterranean walk under the Tunnel roadway.
Georges Dock Building, Pier Head, Liverpool

More details - Formby
National Trust property: Formby - open to the public. Please see National Trust website for details.
Countryside Office, Blundell Avenue, Freshfield, Formby, Liverpool,

More details - The Beatles' Childhood Homes
National Trust property: The Beatles’ Childhood Homes - open to the public. Please see National Trust website for details.
Woolton and Allerton,

More details - Speke Hall, Garden and Estate
National Trust property: Speke Hall, Garden and Estate - open to the public. Please see National Trust website for details.