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WhereCanWeGo Ltd may collect personal information from you (users of the website and related services, potential customers, and alliance relationships to name a few) including the information provided by submitting information to us through use of the site. WhereCanWeGo Ltd may store and keep track of this information and the information provided to us when you visit the site for our internal review, business fulfilment and development, research, and marketing.

The Privacy Policy which follows is intended to provide guidance to users in a straightforward and understandable way, and is not a statement of law or best practice. WhereCanWeGo Ltd may modify the provisions of this privacy policy from time to time. The new provisions will be effective as soon as they are posted. Please check this page periodically to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

This Privacy Policy has been updated in May 2018 in light of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is our practice to assume that you 'opt-in' for e-mail communications from us, as there is no other practical way to offer or manage the services you choose to request. However, we are pleased to provide a simple and straightforward facility to remove yourself from this 'opt-in' at any time.

There are three distinct circumstances in which we may store and use personal data. They are described here, together with details of how you can change your preferences.

1) You can choose to use the WhereCanWeGo service to promote your events, clubs, classes, or attractions. This involves registering your email address as an Organiser so we can confirm your registration details and keep in touch with you about matters specifically related to your account in the future. It is not possible to use the service as an Organiser unless we have your permission to use your details in this way.

If you wish us to remove these details, and thereby close your account with us, please email us at info@wherecanwego.com with the words 'CLOSE MY ACCOUNT' in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email from us to confirm that your account has been closed,and you will not hear from us again.

2) Registered Organisers described in 1) above will receive newsletters and notices of a general nature from time to time which reflect changes and developments to the WhereCanWeGo service which may impact on or be of interest to all users.

If you wish to stop receiving these newsletters and notices of a general nature, but wish to remain as a registered Organiser so you can keep using the WhereCanWeGo service, please log into your account using your registered email address and password; you will see the facility to opt out of these communications under Amend Account Details.

3) You can choose to sign up for Alerts or Reminders, which send information about upcoming events to you through an email address which you supply.

If you wish to stop receiving these Alerts or Reminders, please log into your account using your registered email address and password; you will see the facility to stop the service.

We may store this personal information in our secure central server and or on office computers. We do not share it with third parties, except as described in this policy.

Please note that under the GDPR regulations we are obligated to keep a log of changes which we store on a management computer, which may also hold back-ups of data for up to three months though this is not used for normal operations; other backups will be held for shorter periods on secure servers at our contractor to help provide continuity of service in case of disaster. Other Matters:

Personal details are not stored about visitors to the website who use the service simply to find out what's on and do not sign up as Oragnisers to to receive Alerts and Reminders. These visitors are reminded to read the policy on Cookies (see below).

Organisers who choose to upgrade their entries will pay a fee to do so; we use the services of PayPal to collect those payments from credit or debit cards or from a PayPal account. We do not receive any details of those payment methods (such as card numbers etc) from PayPal, but we do store the fact that payment has been received, you can check those records we hold under your account details.

The WhereCanWeGo Ltd web site contains links to partners, clients, and other sites of interest to our users. WhereCanWeGo Ltd does not control the privacy practices of these other sites. You should make sure that you know when you have left our web site and, if the web site you visit collects personal information, that you have read that site's privacy policy.

WhereCanWeGo Ltd protects your personal information with several security measures, but, as with all systems, these can never be considered totally effective.

WhereCanWeGo Ltd does not provide information about you to third parties, except in the reasonable course of business as required to satisfactorily complete your instructions. Please note that this will not apply to information which you have elected to make public via event and attraction entry screens, or in the event we are required to provide such information by a court, administrative or governmental order or subpoena or other legal process, or we believe it is necessary to share your information in order to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, violations of WhereCanWeGo Ltd terms of use or as otherwise required by law.

In the event of a corporate reorganisation, either by an operation of law, merger or purchase of assets, your information may be subject to a different privacy policy.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, or believe that WhereCanWeGo Ltd has not complied with the provisions of this privacy policy or you wish to remove your personal data from our records, please e-mail us.
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