More details - Holywell Music and Folk presents Harp and a Monkey
SONGS about cuckolded molecatchers, a lone English oak tree that grows at Gallipoli, care in the community and medieval pilgrims… we can only be talking about the folk experimentalists Harp and a Monkey. The harp ‘n’ banjo driven contemporary-folk-storytelling of Martin Purdy (vocals, glockenspiel, accordion, harmonica and keyboards), Simon Jones (harp, guitar, viola) and Andy Smith (banjo, melodica, guitar and programming) is imbued with a deep Lancashire sensibility that shines through in their beautifully crafted and sometimes spooky vignettes of northern life, love and remembrance. The outfit, who have been friends for more than 20 years, channel the ghosts of summers spent in municipal parks and winters walking on the moors. Ask them about their influences and they are as likely to cite Ordnance Survey maps and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as they are Chris Woods, Bjork or The Oldham Tinkers.

Doors 19.00, support Stew Simpson 19.15, Harp 20.00, Finish at 22.00

£14 in Adv, £17 on the Door, £15 Truck store, 101 Cowley Rd cash only.
Quaker Meeting House, 43 St Giles, Oxford
Sat 8 Jun 19

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