Only Fools - The ’Cushty’ Dining Experience

Only Fools The (cushty) Dining Experience is the show you have been waiting for! Meet the pride of Peckham in a night of eating, wheeling and dealing. The fun starts from moment audiences join the Trotters and their friends for a knees up. Meanwhile, they try to drum up some cash and make a cheeky saving on the side. So why is the pub closed on the busiest night of the week..??!! There’s money to be made and debts to be paid. This is a t’riffic night out with some cushty pub grub - you’d be a plonker to miss it!

£49.95 per person including a three course dinner and two hour comedy show.
Banqueting Suite, Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BB
Sat 12 Dec 20

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