Strutt's and the River that changed the World!

The Strutt Mill complex, built by Jedediah Strutt in the late 18th century and developed over many years, lies over a hidden system of channels which conducted water from the River Derwent to the various Mill buildings. Here, giant wheels converted it to power, driving the machines which developed the town’s prosperity. See the magnificent structures of weir and mills. Learn how the Strutt family, their mills and model farms, helped change Belper from a sleepy village to a thriving industrial community. Growing out of this system of hidden channels, weirs and sluice gates, a new site was reclaimed from the river in 1905, and converted by the Strutt family into a pleasure park for the local people. This was one of the foremost public parks in the country, following the benevolent tradition of the Strutts, who gave the nation’s first such park, the Arboretum, to the people of Derby in 1840. Come and explore the beauties of the Gardens with their historic structures and fascinating history of music and entertainment. Find out about our link with round-the-world yachtswoman, Ellen MacArthur. Keep an eye out for wildlife, such as river birds and the resident peregrine falcons. Find hidden poems and modern sculpture as well as marvelling at a mill built over water. This is a fully-accessible walk on level ground and footpaths. It lasts about one hour


£5 per adult with accompanied Under 16s free.
Strutt’s North Mill Museum and Visitor Centre Bridgefoot, Belper DE56 1YD Details >
Sun 9 Oct

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