Theatre - James Rowland: Learning to Fly

Theatre - James Rowland: Learning to Fly Learning to Fly is the story of a remarkable friendship James made when he was a lonely, unhappy teenager with the scary old lady who lived in the spooky house on his street. It’s about connection, no matter what the obstacles; about love’s eternal struggle with time; about music and its ability to heal. It’s also about her last wish: to get high once before she died. Featuring a captivating mix of theatre, comedy and music, this is an uplifting, big-hearted show from James Rowland who last appeared at The Spring in 2019 with his trio of performance team Viking, A Hundred Different Words for Love and Revelations. This new show from James Rowland is previewing at The Spring before embarking on a longer tour next year. See it first here! Made with the generous support of The Spring, Arts at the Old Fire Station (Oxford), The Attenborough (Leicester) and Tobacco Factory Theatres (Bristol) and Arts Council England.

7:30pm, Tickets: £15, £14 concessions, £5 under 25s
The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre 56 East Street, Havant PO9 1BS
Thu 7 Oct 21

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