The Princess & the Pea - A BRAND NEW ballet for the whole family!

The Princess & the Pea - A BRAND NEW ballet for the whole family! Let's All Dance is excited to bring you this BRAND NEW production for the summer. When a young Prince is in search of a bride, his mother, The Queen, is on the lookout for a real Princess. But after several months the Prince has not met anyone he likes. One night, a young woman turns up on the steps of the palace, wet through from a huge storm. The Queen takes one look at her muddy clothes and bedraggled hair and does not believe she is a real Princess. So that night the Queen sets the young woman a test. In true fairytale style the young woman passes with flying colours and wins the heart of the Prince with her spirit and determination. This gorgeous new production mixes Let’s All Dance’s signature crystal clear narrative, fantastic dancing, beautiful costumes and lovely music to enthrall children and families. A charming show and a great message to never judge a book by its cover! Suitable for all, especially 2-11 year olds, including those with special needs.

18 June 2022
1:00pm and 3:00pm

Tickets £7.50
The Hawth Hawth Avenue Crawley RH10 6YZ
Sat 18 Jun 22

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